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A complete resource of past distance learning materials from DOCET, available to everyone to view.

The Archive contains video, audio and written training materials on a broad range of topics and provides an invaluable resource for optometrists and anyone with an interest in optometry.

All DOCET video materials are transferred from the CET Zone into the Archive once their CET points validity expires. For video this will be after one year, and for audio (OQ editions) after three months. The CET Zone features the current and latest DOCET resources which are only accessible to optometrists who are registered with the GOC.

How to search the Archive

You can search for all the available DOCET archive materials on a particular subject by using the popular topics search bar, or you can use the alphabetical options on the yellow filter tabs.

Hover your mouse over any listed title to see the full title displayed.

Some video and audio content gives you the option to choose whether to watch or listen to the whole programme or to go directly to a particular chapter or track that interests you.

You'll also find more information about each DOCET training resource, including content outlines and chapter by chapter information, details of presenters and speakers, associated documents and references, and helpful links to related information or websites.